Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stores Breaking Street Date for Halo Reach Already

When it comes to Halo games, fans are going crazy when it comes to stores selling it early. With Halo Reach coming in just a couple of weeks, it seems that some retailers are already breaking the embargo.
According to our anonymous tipster, an unnamed retailer is starting to sell Halo Reach. It is not clear as to what retailer is selling it. To someone that sent us this picture, we hope you don’t play it yet online as Microsoft will surely ban you for playing a pre-release UNLESS you really bought this from the store
Halo Reach is expected to release this September 14th. Check back with us at the day of release for our EXCLUSIVE coverage.

Thanks to Anonymous
Update: Just to update the story, we have no ways of knowing if the game is really indeed bought in store. The tipster that sent out the pictures didn’t say what store they bought it from.

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